Welcome @ Sol-3 !

Your business partner in IT solutions for professional trading. market making. algotrading.

Welcome @ Sol-3 !

Sol-3 uses 30 years of experience to help exchange traders around the world make more money, more easily.

We help proprietary traders, market makers, algotraders and other arbitrageurs to implement their individual trading strategies with short clear projects and guaranteed delivery times.

We make trading systems better, faster and more reliable with the clear goal of generating more profit per day per trader.

Sol-3 differs from the competition in trading speed, accurate theoretical price calculations, fast processing of many transactions in parallel and the comparatively low total cost of ownership.

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Products and Services

Additionally Sol-3 offers diverse services around the core product. Consequently our customers can participate in the expertise and competence of our professional employees, the long years of experience in the area of exchange trading, product development, customer service and project management.


The "Sol-3 Trader" is a proven trading solution for stock, option and future-trading, market-making, arbitrage as well as automated rules-based trading (like spread-trading, algorithmic-trading, etc.).

The application includes click-trading, order management, multi-market trading, trade management, portfolio management, position management and risk management in realtime.

Market Making

Market making has been Sol-3's core competence from the very beginning. Sol-3's trading machines support traders in achieving their goals.
Whether it is the reduction of exchange fees by fulfilling market maker obligations or the active provision of liquidity in order to earn money on the spread, positions or automated hedging: Sol-3 always offers the perfect solution through simple configurable trading machines without programming effort.

Algo Trading

In addition to the standard trading machines, Sol-3 also offers individual customised solutions for automated trading and the implementation of own trading strategies: the Sol-3 Algotrading. Either Sol-3 develops individual solutions according to customers' specs or a complete toolbox based on the script language LUA from which the customer can assemble his own trading algorithms. The advantage is the fast and uncomplicated implementation of new trading strategies within a single tool.


Sol-3 also supports risk managers in their task of monitoring trading and identifying possible market disruptions immediately. They can monitor all orders and executions in real time and can create individual or a central enterprise wide trading book to display, evaluate and analyse positions. What-if and a 3D representation of selected risk scenarios are also available. In addition, the risk manager can limit individual traders or groups by various parameters even before order entry. An additional MAR reporting tool according to MiFID requirements completes the risk manager's offer.


Sol-3 is a professional service provider.

Our support offering contains not only a permanent maintenance of the hardware, software and networks, but also support for the traders, to provide a contemporary and solution-oriented support especially in critical situations.

All employees distinguish themselves by having good qualifications and motivation. We provide competent support for issues, questions and trading ideas.


When using an individual trading system there is, especially in the introduction phase, a requirement for specialist training and support.

All new traders are introduced and individually trained according to their assignments and areas of responsibility.

The result is an individual and specific configuration, which gives the trader an optimal support for his duties, his trading success and profit.


The following screenshots give you a first overview of the flexible configuration options of some Sol-3 modules.


Please find regular updates and the latest news about our products below.

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Our Team

We are a team of highly motivated and educated professionals where our quality and passion sets us apart from our competition (the selected pictures vary from time to time).

Mathias Haque

Sales / Marketing

Norbert Geus

Managing Partner

Dirk Zoller

Head of Development / Managing Partner

Jörg Morbitzer

IT support / Partner


Sol-3 would like to connect to various markets and grow with its customers. On request, further connections can be implemented. There are currently the following exchange, order routing and market data interfaces available:



  • ICE EU/US iMpact MC, FIX OS
  • MTA/LSE GTP, Native OE
  • Nasdaq OMX INET (Genium/Nordic)
  • Euronext Optiq MDG, Optiq OEG
  • Athens Exchange IDS, FIX
  • CME Group MDP, iLink
  • CBOE Europe MC-Pitch, BOE

Order Routing

  • Fidessa
  • TickTS/SINO
  • Ullink
  • Jefferies
  • CreditSuisse Crossfinder
  • Level ATS
  • Barclays LX US
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Dt. Bank (DBX2,DBSX, FIX Fort)


  • Deribit Crypto Exchange
  • Omniex Crypto/Digital Assets
  • Activ Financial (ActivFeed)
  • Thomson Reuters (RFA)
  • MorningStar (IP Feed)
  • Bloomberg (B-Pipe)
  • QuoteBoard
  • TradeGate
  • AFM / FCA (Mifid)
  • Eurex FIXML


Functional Support + Sales: +49-6123-7029-10, Technical Support: +49-6123-7029-15, EMail: support@sol-3.de